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Closing Down

It's been a marvellously mischievous 10 years, thank you for taking part and collecting the World of FELIX tokens!

And an extra big thank you from Cats Protection, whose work your token donations have been helping to support. We hope you're not too disappointed about World of FELIX closing, but don't worry - we’ll still be working closely with Cats Protection to support the incredible work that they do.

Remember to redeem any tokens you have left by the 31st of August, either by donating them to Cats Protection or choosing one of the available FELIX® gifts.

If you have any questions about World of FELIX closing, you can find more information over on the FAQs page.

If your question isn't answered there, you can contact our helpline on 0800 030 6052 or you can email us at

Find the full Terms and Conditions for World of FELIX here.

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